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PoolSupplyWorld Reviews

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  • Poor Customer Service

    Ordered a pump on 7/5/17 and my credit card was charged immediately. No pump. Inquired on status on 7/13 via their online chat and was told by Kathryn that they needed 48 business hours to find out the status through their warehouse. What? 48 hours to contact their warehouse...what are they using, carrier pigeons? Inquired again using their 800 number and was told by Kathryn that the pump JUST left the warehouse. When asked for a tracking number...get this....they said it would take 24 hours to send an email with the tracking number. These folks are a marvel of 21st century... More...
    (Delivery Services)
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  • Pool Supply World sell old, outdated equipment

    Pool Supply World sold me an old version of some pool equipment that they had in their warehouse. I am not able to use this equipment with the latest features because the unit they sold me was two years old when they sold it to me. The more recent version that I needed was out for over a year already, but Pool Supply World only had old stock and sold it to me as if it was the latest revision. I now would need to spend over $300 more to get the feature that I wanted to work. Pool Supply World told me that they sell whatever is in their stock, no matter how old it is, and they... More...
    (Home Improvement)
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  • return

    I purchased a 25 sq. ft. above ground pool cartridge filter and pump from PoolSupplyWorld.com. When we unpacked the pump about 3 weeks later, we found that it was missing the wrench tool. When we installed the pump, it leaked at every fitting AND it is making very loud noises. Because we contacted PoolSupplyworld.com 12 days after the 30 day return period, they would not stand behind this product and allow us to return it. Instead they told me to contact Hayward directly. I have since filed complaints with the Attorney General and the FTC, however, we are still stuck with this... More...
  • Order Cancellation

    I ordered a pool heater on 7/16/2014. On 7/17/2014 I received a phone call and email alerting me the heater supply "was depleted" and it would take 2-3 weeks before it could ship. That same day, I cancelled the order for the heater and this was verified through email from the company. As of this morning, the order still shows processing. I am VERY concerned that this company will ship the heater, despite the cancellation and then charge me for sending it back and restocking. I ordered the heater elsewhere and I want confirmation that the heater from Pool SupplyWorld will not... More...
  • still don't have parts missing from pool

    I ordered a pool over 2 months ago. I did not have the uprights or the hardware and contacted this company many times. I was told they had to get a hold of the manufacturer of the oceania pool. I would sit on hold for 30 minutes and be forced to leave a message and after 2 days still no call back..after 2 weeks I got a one day warning the parts would be at my house. Surprise I had 4 uprights NOT 10 and still no hardware. I have spent 2 weeks calling and trying to get my parts.I am being told that they are waiting for the maufacturers that make the pool to send a shipping number. I have no... More...
    tonya5's Picture   tonya5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Simple Question

    First of all when you call they have no intentions of letting you speak with a representative. When you have held 30 minutes they will come back on line and FORCE you to leave a message. I have called for 2 days and it was the same waste of time! I simply need their store # to fill out Polaris warranty card. Polaris says I had to spend $579.00 to get $50.00 rebate. This company charged $578.99 but advertised the $50.00 rebate when it was purchased. This will be the LAST time I buy from these people. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! More...
    (Home Improvement)
    PinkFlamingo's Picture   PinkFlamingo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Just Horrible

    Horrible. I'd like to know how many of these reviews say PoolSupplyWorld have great customer service when I can NEVER get them on the phone? Sounds a little made-up. I've been trying to deal with them for two weeks on my order and all I received so far are the Pool Liner Coping, and I'm still waiting for my liner. I finally received a shipping tracking number for what looked like my entire order, but all I got was the coping. Meanwhile, they already charged my credit card so I can't go out and buy another liner, now that I've already wasted 2 weeks of a precious... More...
    RjBDetroit's Picture   RjBDetroit    2 Comments   Comments
  • PoolSupplyWorld - Is My Supplier

    I am a small on the side pool service company. I had always used distrubutors. But I was tired of getting taken. I have ordered from PoolSupplyWorld 10 times now and its always a quick and fast delivery. I am saving about 15% everytime I order. It makes it easy on me they just deliver to my house. They have all the newest stuff where the distrubutors I used were always trying to substite and just get by. I am a huge fan of PoolSupplyWorld.com More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • PoolSupplyWorld.com Review - Excellent Website

    Its friday. We ordered on Tuesday. We ordered a Polaris 9300xi. The newest latest and greatest Pool Cleaner on the market. We called 4 other pool stores that had lower prices. No One had it. I called PoolSupplyWorld.com and they had one in stock. I ordered it and they shipped it out the same day. I recieved it in 3 days. WOW. Four other companies said it was going to take 3-4 weeks to get. Well I live where I only get 16 weeks of summer. I didnt want to wait. I was so happy that I found my new pool supply store. I talked to a customer service agent via their 800 number and they... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Derrick3012's Picture   Derrick3012    0 Comments   Comments
  • PoolSupplyWorld.com Review

    We love reviewing websites that do the right thing. We ordered a Pentair Intelliflo on a Monday morning. Knowing that we had a party on Friday night and we wanted to showcase our new pool and water features we needed this pump in a hurry. Our local pool guy couldnt get one. So we called PoolSupplyWorld and talked to one of their customer service reps. We explained our situation and I said it had to be in stock and had to be able to ship it out right away. The customer service rep was able to check for me and verify that they had one right there and could ship that day. So I ordered.... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    dianefork1231's Picture   dianefork1231    0 Comments   Comments
  • Easy to Use Website - Great Information, Low Prices

    We have found our new Pool Store and this is why. We ordered a Sta Rite 400 Natural Gas Pool Heater. We also ordered a Pentair Intelliflo VS and a Pentair Letro Legend II Pool cleaner. To order this we called and spoke to not one but two different sales reps. We had to call back because we didn't know exactly what size heater we needed. The first time I called I spoke to Janelle. She got me started and spent close to 15 minutes going thru everything I would need. She knew about Jandy, Pentair and Hayward (I had questions about all of them as my service guy offered it all to me... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    allenjohome's Picture   allenjohome    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stay away, you've been warned

    I almost forgot about this company, but when I was reviewing my favorite pool supply company, a painful memory popped up. I hope they have improved their processes, and they probably have - or maybe I was an isolated injury. What happened was that I called poolsupplyworld a few years back to get some advice on how to fix my pool filter. I got transferred around until I ended up with a very grumpy [rude!] young man who acted like I was wasting his time - he actually said I should call a local service company to come fix it - I was tryign to buy something from them! As I calmly persisted... More...
    poolmommy's Picture   poolmommy    1 Comments   Comments
  • This Company Is What you expect!

    When you think about service. When you think about prices and what online shopping should be - this is what i think PoolSupplyWorld is. Here is my story. We have had a pool for years. We have had a pool guy for most of them. I found pool supply world - hahaha I no longer have my pool guy. From the videos to the expert customer service - pool supply world is your resource to anything pool or spa related. I have bought a salt chlorinator, pool heater and more recently a Strong Spa Portable Hot Tub. We got the spa delievered right to our house. We plugged it in - hours later i was in... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    vbrowerspl's Picture   vbrowerspl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amazing Service.. Good Story..

    So here it goes.. I apologize a head of time for the long story but I have to publish it. I live in Arizona. You would think I could find a great pool service. No. No chance. We have had three pool guys and the all were really bad. I told my husband that it is his turn. He got online and started doing research. He found pool supply world. He started watching all the videos and reading the blogs. He has since bought a heat pump that works GREAT! He has replaced the pool pump motor and has installed a salt chlorinator. Our pool is clean our pool pump is quiet again and I have a warm... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Amazing Service & Great Prices

    We buy everything online. We buy from Amazon mostly. Lately we have been finding that there are better prices away from Amazon. We have a Pool and a Spa. We needed Nature 2 Sticks. We ordered from PoolSupplyWorld.com for the first time last week. We got the items in 3 days. Wow. Just about as fast as Amazon but we save almost $10.00 or 15%. They sent us a coupon and we are thinking about ordering a new Hayward Super Pump from them. We are very happy with Pool Supply World. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    tobyA's Picture   tobyA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't use PoolSupplyWorld! You'll be Sorry!

    well, I hope I do get contacted, because I have been trying to make contact for 3 months! I was sent the incorrect item, an expensive heater part that is the wrong manufacturer. It doesn't fit my heater, and I can't get any help - no refund - no commuication at all! The only contact I have been given was a rude person who said I ordered wrong - when what I was sent is not the item number that is on my order. Can't argue that! I guess I'm left holding the bag. I'm not doing business any more with this company. I'll write this off I guess. Thanks. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    mc11269's Picture   mc11269    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic Customer Support & Prices

    We have always bought out pool supplies from In The Swim. No longer. We have switched to Pool Supply World. Their prices are so much lower than In the Swim and they get the product to us just as quick. We have ordered three times from PoolSupplyWorld now and we have been impressed each time. The last time we ordered a Polaris 3900 from PoolSupplyWorld.com - We paid a little over $700 for it. In The Swim wanted over $900 for it. We ordered it on Monday and we recieved it on Wednesday. Wow - $200 less and 2 day shipping. You really cant beat that. We also had to call once and we... More...
    SRato1212's Picture   SRato1212    0 Comments   Comments
  • Talk about low prices on Pool Supplies

    We just bought 3 Items on PoolSupplyWorld - We bought a Polaris 280 for $359.95 a Polaris booster Pump for $229.95 and we bought the Hayward Pool Heater 250,000 BTU for $1229.95 - We ordered it on Monday and it Arrived last night - they are in California - we are in Iowa. We are sooo excited. We have installers coming this Wednesday to help us put it all in. So here is the funny thing - we had our pool guy - well X pool guy quote us on the same stuff - he wanted double. We had to tell him that we couldnt pay that much cause times were tough but we wanted a clean pool for our kids.... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    onlineBillG's Picture   onlineBillG    0 Comments   Comments

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PoolSupplyWorld Comments

Stickler says: (5 years ago)
I placed the order, never got an invoice or email confirmation, but it appeared on my credit card bill. Called, Called again, emailed, called and called again. Each time they said it would be in my email momentarily. Never got the invoice. But I did get my item quickly.

jdberg says: (7 years ago)
9 Days to ship a filter, never a call or anything it will be here in 14 days. For what I saved I should have bought locally! Never got a reason, they are just really slow. They advertise 24 to 48 hours but look at the reviews and you're taking a chance on it being shipped in a week!
Called customer service, what a waste of time that was as well!

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